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Schmetz Machine Quilting Needle 11/75
A needle designed specifically for machine piecing and quilting!
It is made with a special taper that ends in a slightly rounded point, and is designed for easier fabric penetration and the elimination of skipped stitches.

Size is 11/75

Price: $4.99 

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Jean Lyle Straw Needles
Jean Lyle English straw needle. 10 needles, 1 1/2" long, Size 11.

Price: $4.29 

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Bohin Betweens Quilting Needles #10
French Needles
Bohin Betweens Quilting Needles #10
20 ct.

Price: $2.99 

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Bohin Betweens Big Eye Quilting Needles #10
French Needles
Bohin Betweens Big Eye Quilting Needles #10
20 ct.

Price: $2.99 

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Roxanne Betweens #10
RX12010 - Roxanne Betweens #10 Needles.  English made, housed in a glass tube, 50 count.

Price: $9.29 

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Bohin Milliners/Straw Needles #10
French Needles
Bohin Milliners/Straw Needles #10
15 ct.

Price: $2.99 

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Clover Applique Pins

Price: $6.79 

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Clover Patchwork Pins 2507
2507 Clover Fine Patchwork Pins. Heat resistant glass heads. 100 count per box. .4 mm x 36 mm L

Price: $8.49 

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Clover Thread Dome
625 Clover Thread Dome and Needle Case

Price: $9.49 

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Dritz Quilting Pins - 131
131, Dritz 1 3/4" stainless steel quilting pins with yellow plastic heads.  Long length is good for multiple layers of fabric.  175 count with plastic storage case.

Price: $4.79 

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John James Easy Threading Needles

John James Easy threading Needles
English Needles
6 count. Assorted sizes 4/8
Snap your thread into the open-top eye for easy threading.

Price: $2.49 

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Needle Vial
#NV01 - Needle Vial, 1 3/4" tall

Price: $1.99 

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Roxanne Basting
RX14507 - Roxanne Basting Needles, English made, housed in a glass tube, 10 count.

Price: $5.79 

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Schmetz Universal Machine Needle Assortment 70-80-90
Schmetz Universal Machine Needle Assortment.
5 needles. 2-70/10, 2-80/12, 1-90/14

Price: $3.29 

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Sure Guide Needle Threader
Excellent needle threader for applique needles.

Price: $15.99 

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Sure Guide Needle Threader Replacement Cartridge
Replacement Cartridge for Sure Guide Needle Threader.

Rumor has it that these have lasted for 4 years!!

Price: $5.99 

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Thimble Pads
SM100 - Thimble Pads. Twelve leather pads backed with a special long-lasting reusable adhesive.

Price: $7.49 

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Thimble-It Clear Stick on Thimble Pads
If you either can't or don't like to use a thimble, these are helpful for finger protection.  They can be used on either your needle finger or your "under" finger for hand quilting.

Pack of 64 clear stick on thimble pads.

Price: $6.49 

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