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Clover Thread Pic
4910 Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic

Price: $8.99 

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Crystal Duo Finger Press and Point Turner
Made of cast acrylic, this tool is wonderful for multiple purposes.

Price: $13.49 

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Bobbin Buddies
I LOVE these!  You ought to see my thread drawer now!
These little gadgets connect your thread spool and bobbin to keep your colors matched!
It's a brilliant idea.  No mess, no fuss.  Easy to connect and disconnect.

Sold by the each.

Price: $0.39 

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Clover Fabric Glue Stick
For use as a temporary adhesive for fabric, felt, and paper piecing projects.
Apply to fabric and adhere after 30 seconds.  It will not gum up your needles!
1 glue stick.

Price: $5.29 

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Seam Fix Seam Ripper
Comfortable-to-hold seam ripper with a nifty rubber-ish tip that grabs threads after ripping.
Whoosh-whoosh and they're gone!

By Dritz
Purple in color

Price: $6.99 

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Sewline Sure Guide Needle Threader
Excellent needle threader for applique needles.

Price: $15.99 

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Sewline Sure Guide Needle Threader Replacement Cartridge
Replacement Cartridge for Sure Guide Needle Threader.

Rumor has it that these have lasted for 4 years!!

Price: $5.99 

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Sewline Water Soluble Glue Pen
Click image for more information.

Price: $7.99 

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Sewline Water Soluble Glue Pen Refill
Refills for the Sewline Water Soluble Glue Stick

Price: $3.99 

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